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Word of Life/ Mike Thompson Ministries is a Spirit-filled, Bible-believing,
Prophetic/Apostolic Ministry - Proclaiming Jesus is Lord!

PRAY FOR OUR NATION (downloadable) – A Prayer for America (June, 2020)

SUNDAY AFTERNOON Worship Event will be Live-Streamed Online
Prophetic Ministry of the Word & Spirit
Live from Las Vegas, Pastor/Prophet Mike Thompson opens up the Word and the Spirit.
Live-Stream begins at 2:30 pm Pacific time (5:30 Eastern)

NOTE- Local Mtgs! Per Gov. Sisolak: Face masks required, and distance seating.
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Recent Videos from the Prophet’s Heart…

· How Prophetic Eagles Renew Their Strength (6-27-20)

· Jesus is Walking the Streets of America (6-19-20)
· Spirit of Anarchy: It's Really About Authority (6-5-20)
Watch Mike on Sid Roth LIVE - March 5, 2020

Mike had a vision April 7, 2016 about then-candidate Donald Trump. An angel visited him, referring to Trump
as “the man with the hand of the Lord him.” Reluctant at first, Mike obeyed the Lord when He assured him…
“It’s about Revival, not Politics.” Here’s Mike’s first video about it:
Donald Trump: Mike’s Heavenly Vision

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