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                          MY COVENANT RIGHTS

                       Because of my covenant provisions with God,

                             through what Jesus has done for me,

                                            I have the right to:

Love from the Heavenly Father    1 Jn 3:1

Significance in Jesus Christ    Eph 2:6

Security in the Holy Spirit    Eph 1:13

Right relationship & right standing with God    2 Co 5:17

Forgiveness for future sins   1 Jn 1:9

Direct access to God's throne room    He 4:16

Revelation knowledge of God's Word    1 Co 2:10

Spiritual wisdom & insight    Eph 1:17,18

Spiritual authority as a believer    Lk 10:19

The use of the name of Jesus    Jn 14:13

Supernatural power    Eph 3:20

Angelic protection    Ac 5:19

Freedom from condemnation    Ro 8:1

Pray for my personal needs    Mt 6:9-13

Intercede for others    1 Ti 2:1,2

Physical healing    Ja 5:14,15

Mental soundness    2 Ti 1:7

Financial prosperity    3 Jn 2

A personal ministry in the Body of Christ    1 Co 12:4-6

Anointing for ministry    Ac 1:8

Boldly cast out demonic entities & influences    Mk 16:17

Strength to overcome temptations, test & trials    2 Pe 2:9

Salvation for my family    Ac 16:31

Sanctification until my family is saved    1 Co 7:14

They are mine!

© 1998 Mike Thompson, Las Vegas, NV

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