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                                     Spring, 2018

Word of Life World Outreach - S. Las Vegas

Prophetic Ministry of the Word & Spirit
with Pastor/Prophets Mike & Ck Thompson
Spirit-filled worship with Bryan David Thompson

A MAJOR SHIFT has Occurred in the Heavenlies - and God Brought YOU to This Day.
Perceive. Believe. Receive!

Releasing God’s Glory for Revival!
Prophetic Worship Events – Sunday Afternoons at 2 pm
Live streaming at 2:30 pm (service joined in progress)

Join Us In Our New Facilities:

**9041 S. Pecos Rd. Suite 4000, Henderson/ South Las Vegas  89074
in the Sansone Executive Complex
(S. Pecos Rd & I-215.  Take Exit 6)
in Green Valley

Calling All Prayer Warriors!
Intercessory Prayer Meetings:  Thursdays @ 7 pm

WATCH FOR “Ministry Videos from the Prophet’s Heart” on our YouTube channel
Live-Streaming Sunday afternoons at 2:30 (service joined in progress)

Recent Videos from the Prophet’s Heart about America…

Vision of Pres Trump & the Body Of Christ (Vision description only)

Sword of Light Piercing the Darkness in America!

President Trump, Christmas & Jerusalem – Prophetic Significance
Urgent Prayer for Pres Trump: Mark This Date! (Mike Thompson vision, 11-20-17)
I See Angels! Around You & President Trump!

Pres. Trump, N. Korea & Recent Heavenly Visions (12-min clip)
Ck Releases Anointing for Supernatural Finances (& Youth) (12-min clip)
"Roe v. Wade is Coming Down" – Word from Ck Thompson (7-min clip)

Mike shared the first vision about Pres. Trump in April, 2016:  Donald Trump: Mike’s Heavenly Vision

For more Ministry Videos from the Prophet’s Heart and Live-Streaming events,
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Click here for Prayer Of Agreement for America & the Nations, 2017

Mike and Ck both were recently featured on the Elijah List.

Click here for Ck’s article: ‘The 3rd Heaven Church and the Divine Mark of Generosity & Prosperity’
and Click here for Mike’s video: ‘President Trump, Christmas & Jerusalem — Prophetic Implications & Significance!
UPDATE: Other videos of Mike and Ck are now featured on the Elijah List.
Click the “Search” button and type “Mike Thompson” to find them!

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"Because of JESUS, Heaven is Open to You!"

God Loves You To The Core.

Word of Life/ Mike Thompson Ministries is a Spirit-filled, Bible-believing, Prophetic/ Apostolic, Revival-culture,

Counter-culture Ministry… based in Las Vegas, NV.  Welcome! God Loves You! Jesus is Lord!