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Word of Life/ Mike Thompson Ministries is a Spirit-filled, Bible-believing, Prophetic/Apostolic Ministry - Proclaiming Jesus is Lord!
 Revival-culture, counter-culture, untraditional… Preaching the Word of Life since 1977.  Now based in Las Vegas, NV.
God is calling His people out of the Religious System into the joy of Sonship.  “Because of JESUS, Heaven is Open to You!”

Releasing God’s Glory for Revival!
Hear the Prophet’s Heart – Locally or by Live-Streaming!

Pastor/Prophets Mike & Ck Thompson welcome you!

Prophetic Worship Event – Sunday Afternoons at 2 pm
Now in Our Own Facilities: 9041 S. Pecos Rd. Suite 4000
Henderson/ S. Las Vegas
(S. Pecos Rd & I-215. Exit 6)

Live-Streaming Starts at 2:30 (Pacific) on YouTube.

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Need Prayer? Prayer Requests        Pray Together: Prayer Of Agreement for America & the Nations, 2017-18

Recent Videos from the Prophet’s Heart about America…

The Era After Billy Graham & Oral Roberts (Mike is Overcome by the Spirit)
Word of the Lord: "2018 Will Trump the Prior Years"

Mike had a vision April 7, 2016 about then-candidate Donald Trump. First an angel visited, referring to Trump
as “the man with the hand of the Lord him.” Later the Lord Himself spoke to Mike about the anointing on
God’s “wrecking ball.” Here’s Mike’s first video about it:
Donald Trump: Mike’s Heavenly Vision

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            Angelic Intervention for America & Israel

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            The Coming Move of God in the United States

  Video- One of the Best Teachings on this Subject:
            Warfare in the Heavenlies over America

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