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Word of Life/ Mike Thompson Ministries is a Spirit-filled, Bible-believing, Prophetic/ Apostolic, Revival-culture,

Counter-culture Ministry… based in Las Vegas, NV. Welcome! God Loves You! Jesus is Lord!

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Pastor/Prophets Mike & Ck Thompson
Prophetic Worship Events – Sunday Afternoons @ 2 pm
9041 S. Pecos Rd. Suite 4000, Henderson/ S. Las Vegas (S. Pecos Rd & I-215. Exit 6)  More info

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Recent Videos from the Prophet’s Heart about America…

Compassion, God's Glory & Revival - Why Does God Need Pres Trump?
Las Vegas Massacre – And What about Revival?
(15-min clip)

I See Angels! Around You & President Trump!
God's Answer to Trauma in America

Pres. Trump, N. Korea & Recent Heavenly Visions (12-min clip)

Mike’s first heavenly vision, shared in April, 2016:  Donald Trump: Mike’s Heavenly Vision

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  Ministry Videos & Articles

 Article & Video - The Most Important Question of Your Life

 Article- Mike’s Testimony of Angelic Visitation:  
            Angelic Intervention for America & Israel

 Article- Prophetic Article from Mike:
            The Coming Move of God in the United States

  Video- One of the Best Teachings on this Subject:
            Warfare in the Heavenlies over America

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    Spirit-filled, Bible-believing, Prophetic/Apostolic ministry,
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