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 Prophetic Ministry of the Word & Spirit

with Prophets Mike & Ck Thompson

Word of Life’s Prophet’s House & Studio is now open!

Live-Stream begins at 2:30 (5:30 Eastern) on YouTube

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Third Heaven Authority:
Discover How to Pray from Heaven’s Perspective
by Mike Thompson (Charisma House)
Foreword by Eric Metaxas

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Recent “Ministry Videos from the Prophet’s Heart”

· Prophetic Exhortation about the Trump Shooting (Sunday 7-14-24)
ElijahStreams, June 26, 2024: Eli is Dying & Samuel is Rising!

· Archangel Michael Told Me THIS about America and Israel! (5-10-24)

· A Prophet's Decree about Your Prosperity (4-5-24)
· Jesus Said "Let the Shaking Begin!" (Clip of Prophetic Word 3-31-24)

· Prophet’s House & Studio Location

· Recent Interviews

· Prayer for Justice for America

Mike & Ck Thompson continue to stand for justice in America.
The Hand of the Lord is still on President Donald Trump.
Be encouraged and don’t back down.  

- Mike & Ck Thompson

It’s About Revival, Not Politics!

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Spirit-filled, Bible-believing, Prophetic, Revival-culture, Counter-culture Ministry… based in Las Vegas, NV
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