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Mike & Ck Thompson: Who Are These People?

Mike Thompson is a noted prophet and Bible teacher
at Word of Life/ Mike Thompson Ministries in S. Las Vegas.
Mike was thrust into semi-prominence on the internet after openly sharing
an angelic visitation in which the Lord told him “the hand of the Lord
is on Donald Trump” for the presidency of the United States.
This occurred in April of 2016, seven months before the election.
Initially, Mike was quite reticent about sharing this prophecy publicly.
He had strongly held convictions about keeping politics
out of his church and ministry.

He “wrestled with the Lord,” until the Lord assured him
“it’s about REVIVAL, not politics.” Souls were in the balance over it.

Mike has been a guest on the Elijah List, Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural LIVE,
and more recently on ElijahStreams w/ Steve Shultz on YouTube.
He and Ck have a growing following, especially on their YouTube channel and also on FaceBook.

(Check out Samuel School of Supernatural Ministry here.)

Mike’s Bio: With a degree in Bible theology from International Seminary, Mike did graduate work in
Christian counseling, and also has a certificate from Rhema Bible Training Center.
He functions as an prophet to the Body of Christ,
intent on hosting the Glory of God and Revival on planet Earth.

With over 40 years of full-time ministry experience (35 yrs as pastors),
they’re both a
ccurate prophets, anointed for healing of hearts as well as hosting the Glory of God.
Bringing credibility & accountability to Apostolic/Prophetic ministry,
their deepest desire is to usher-in the Presence of God:
to introduce precious souls to Him, and above all bring Glory to Jesus!
 (See Mike’s testimony below)

Mike & Ck’s life is a love story. These high school sweethearts were married in 1972
and have been in full-time ministry since 1977. They have two grown sons.

C.K. (Cheryl): She’s a prophet/seer, musician, singer and author (and CK says ‘amateur comedian.’)
According to Mike: “Ck is profoundly prophetic in everything she does.
She lives in a realm of prophetic perception including dreams, visions & angelic interaction.
You need to be honest around Ck because she can ‘read your mail.’”

Bio: Ck’s music career started at the age of five with private piano lessons.
By 19 she was teaching piano, while continuing her own music studies.

She grew up in a Christian home. Unfortunately, strong legalism and ‘spirits of Religion’
provided a breeding ground for abuse. Ck was physically/sexually abused
since early childhood. She often ran away from home as a teen.

Finding comfort in the hippie/drug culture of the late 60’s-early 70’s,
she ran from God
with all her might. Later she discovered it was Religion
Abuse that drove her away from the Lord.

At 17, she married Mike and began having encounters with Jesus that changed her life completely.
Today Ck is a living testimony of God's loving kindness, and an example of His
ongoing power to heal the brokenhearted.
She carries a ‘John-the-Baptist’-type anointing, which compels her to confront spirits of
Religion & Abuse, in order to bring Healing, Grace & Freedom to this generation.

Check out her podcast: Prophets Don’t Wear Plaid with Ck Thompson & Bryan David.

Mike shares an excerpt from a 3rd-Heaven Encounter:

...I was standing before Jesus and He continued, “I want you to keep coming upward...

“I’ve called you to preach the word of Grace.

This will bring people into intimate relationship with Me and

deliver them from religious bondages.

“I will use you to bring restoration to people’s lives, so I can heal them

and renew their broken dreams. They will be set free.”

At that point I was thinking, “What do I do with this?” And Jesus said, “Tell the people.”

The Lord continues to take Mike to 3rd-Heaven, instructing him

about 3rd-Heaven authority.

He was given a heavenly assignment to take the message of

3rd-Heaven authority to the Body of Christ:

To teach others how to see their situation from Heaven's perspective, and

instruct them how to conduct spiritual warfare “from above.”

Jesus personally "mantled" Mike with this anointing,

and gave him an assignment: Take this message to the Body of Christ.

Raise up & equip "3rd-Heaven people."

Check out his podcast: 3rd Heaven Authority with Mike Thompson on the Charisma Podcast Network.

Here’s a related video: My First Visit to "3rd Heaven" | Mike Thompson


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